Welcome to masterholistic.com, a portal that becomes a reference for all those who need assistance in healing, coaching, counseling and of course training related to Meridian Energy Therapy (MET) , EFT / TFT, REIKI. MEDITASI, ENERGY MEDICINE    and Hypnotherapy.

In addition to these various therapies, counseling, coaching and training, there are also many interesting articles on self-empowerment, spirituality, popular health, psychology to metaphysics. All articles are expected to provide wisdom for our lives, especially in enriching / expanding knowledge for the common good.

If you are interested in participating in the existing training or therapy, please contact us directly for information or to make an appointment. For your attention and cooperation we say thank you.

Notes for foreign fans of masterholistic.com :

English version of this site is not available temporarily. Bilingual texts are only for Prana Shakti training program in tumblr (t) as seen at the right side of this box. If you are interested in certain information, such as articles, training schedules or have queries on available training programs, please write in fb fans’ page of  masterholistic or send directly to my inbox. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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